I work with women to unlock their unstoppable confidence so they can powerfully step into the highest version of themselves.

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About Corrina Claire Coaching

I am an EFT and Meditation Practitioner.
Through the power and ancient wisdom of Meditation, Tapping, Law of Attraction and Manifestation I can work with you to subconsciously re-script the mind.

I grew up knowing exactly what I wanted to do when I left school, so I headed straight to college to learn the skills of Beauty Therapy.

I worked in the Beauty industry for over 10 years, but I longed to be a Makeup Artist for TV.

Thankfully with a bit of a push from my ‘then boyfriend’ (now, loving and supportive Husband) I went and trained to become a Make up Artist.

I was so grateful and excited to land an incredible job for a Global TV Network CNBC, this was way out of my comfort zone, I had only ever worked with clients in a salon and now I was about to embark on a journey where my clients became, CEO’s, World Leaders, News Anchors and Celebrities.

Once I found my feet and learned the ropes of doing Live TV, I realised that all those years in a salon had prepared me for how to talk to people in a professional way. I had always given myself a hard time for not jumping into makeup earlier, I was 28 when I joined CNBC and that was classed as OLD to be starting in Makeup! 

After working in this challenging industry, I had toughened up and gained a lot of Confidence.

My baby boy

I had worked with CNBC for 6 years then fell pregnant with my first baby. Sadly, this didn’t have a happy outcome.
On 30th May 2013 my baby boy was born sleeping.

I went through grief like I’d never experienced in my life and literally thought my heart was broken. I suffered with panic attacks, PTSD, anxiety and guilt. Yes, guilt!
I had lost all my confidence.

My life now

Fast forward to NOW, and I am beyond grateful to say that I have another beautiful baby boy and a baby girl.

I have worked extensively on myself with a variety of holistic therapies, coaching and RTT and I am so excited to work with you too.

Let's Work Together

6-week Starter package

A bespoke packages on a one-to-one basis over Zoom which includes EFT Tapping, Meditation and Heart Math.

12-week Premium package

A bespoke package on a one-to-one basis over Zoom which includes EFT Tapping, Meditation and Heart Math, plus lots of extra tools featuring mind blowing experts.
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